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Real Estate, Tourism, Restaurants, Commercial Businesses, Cultural Centers, Municipal facilities and more! 

Although popular with REALTORS® and widely used for residential real estate, this cutting edge technology is proving beneficial in other markets as well.

Are you a real estate investor who wants to showcase your rental properties or vacation rental?   The 3D tours enable prospective renters, lessees, and guests to begin their search online.  The visual tools provided by the Floor Plan Views and Dollhouse view helps visitors determine if the layout will work for their needs.


Do you have an interesting architectural or construction project you would like to showcase to your investors?  You can share your project's progress with your clients.  With the 3D Matterport and iGuide Planix camera's capabilities your client is able to view the framework,  measurements, and the specific features you choose to highlight on the model itself.  Explore existing structures for a comprehensive overview before renovating.


  Perhaps you own a restaurant, hotel, or campground that would benefit from your customers exploring online?  Allow your customers to see which table they would like to reserve or view the property layout and design.   

 Digital Twins offer a unique tool to link static data, internal databases, or online information into a one-stop spot for Industrial operations, maintenance, and engineering.


The possibilities are endless!

Drone Photography

Schematic Floor Plans

Need to see if that couch is going to fit....we got you covered.  Both Matterport and iGuide offer accurate schematic floor plans to get a full overview.

iG FP.png
Snapshots & more!

Snapshots - downloadable 1920x1080 resolution 2D photos 

Mattertags - highlight specific features and/or finishes with simple descriptions

Highlight Reel/Guided Tour - a filmstrip at the bottom of the model that moves you through the highlights by pressing play.

Dollhouse Views

Matterport's proprietary Dollhouse views allow your clients to see how a property fits together room by room.

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