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Unlike traditional photography the 3D scan allows a 360 degree view of home or property.  A good rule of thumb is to prepare your home the same way you would for an open house.


Here are a few tips for your consideration:


We recommend you hide your personal information.  The scanning process will capture everything in your home from photos on your wall to papers on your desk.  Please put out of sight any items that contain personal, banking, or identification information, anything that you would not be comfortable leaving out during an open house.


We understand that your pets are fun loving and furry family members.  However, we do ask that for the duration of the scan please kennel or crate all animals, including cats, on the premises.  Cats are fabulous “photo bombers” and are drawn to the whirring and beeping of the camera.  During scanning the camera reads your pet as an object in the room and then will want to use them as a reference point for the next scan.  The scan may not take if the pet moves or it may show as a blurry streak across your tour.  Should you choose to contain your pet(s) in another room please be aware that room will not be captured and will not appear on the tour or the floor plan.

The Little Things Make a Big Difference

In order to showcase your home at its best there are a few often overlooked details that can prove to be distracting once captured by the scan or in photographs. Unlike traditional photography we are unable to “photoshop” or edit out unwanted objects.  The following checklist contains items that are best hidden from view:

  • Beverage containers including coffee cups, glasses, bottles 

  • Garbage cans, waste paper baskets  

  • Laundry baskets  

  • Toothbrushes and tooth paste

  • Dishes put away 


Other considerations:

  • Please place the toilet seats down

  • Toilet paper is best spun up so the end is not "dangling" 

  • Bathroom towels show best when they are clean and folded

  • Counters should be cleared off as much as possible

We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason including, but not limited to, an unprepared property or home, pets at large, potential conflict of interest etc.

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